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For Students

Online Training in new user friendly format.
Access our mobile app from your Android or iPhone; watch videos on any device anywhere!
Are you keeping track of how much you train, how often and what happened?
Can you easily remember what submissions you get caught in regularly?
Looking for expert tips on how to land a challenging submission, avoid getting caught, improve a sweep and improve your game?
Your very own instructor can give feedback on your every training event!
PLUS: Now for the first time! Remote Video Help. Have a problem? Video the problem and let us help!
We will respond with a private answer to your problem.

With Tracker, you can monitor your students' progress daily, by individual...

For Instructors

Online Training from Robson Moura to enhance your current class, get lesson ideas, and gain detailed insight into techniques.
Change everything by being able to "watch" every class virtually with daily reports.
How would you like to easily track your students' progress daily by individual, quickly spot trends and increase your ability to respond personally with targeted instruction?
Our tool provides a quick, effective and consistent way for students and schools to maintain a record of training, successes and opportunities.
Leveraging Jiu Jitsu Tracker, your school/instructors will be able to provide a higher level of training, with a better understanding of individual needs.

Why Track:

Pareto's Law:

You have heard of the 80/20 Principle, right. BJJ is no different. 20 percent of the people in BJJ will make a decision to excel and do something different to succeed.

Tipping Point:
In Malcome Gladwell's best selling book Tipping Point he details the point when everything changed. The one single instance that made the person or business successful Are you tired of getting submitted, beat up, smashed? Are you ready to change everything?
Case in Point

Why Track:
This web site is the extension of the mirror on steroids! Tim Farriss in his best selling book "The 4-Hour Body" Says you must track! "Tracking anything is better then tracking nothing." He goes on to say "The fastest way to correct a behavior is to be aware of it in real time, not after-the-fact." What is your weakest submission defense? What is your best offence? What are your worst positions? Using Jiu Jitsu Tracker you will now have the answers you need to make Conscious Decisions with your training. From the 4-Hour Body again "Once again, the act of measuring is often more important then what you measure."
What Nike Knows about tracking:

Here is an article about the shoe giant and the power of Personal Numbers. This is a quote from the Wired Magazine article.

"There's something even deeper. Nike has discovered that there's a magic number for a Nike+ user: five. If someone uploads only a couple of runs to the site, they might just be trying it out. But once they hit five runs, they're massively more likely to keep running and uploading data. At five runs, they've gotten hooked on what their data tells them about themselves."

Jiu Jitsu Online Training

Frustrated by getting caught in that same submission? Attempting an arm bar, but you just keep missing it? Online training is your answer to the next level. Our online training program is completely different in the approach for quickly and efficiently learning BJJ. Track your game via video. Robson Moura walks you though step by step in these dynamic videos of foundational knowledge and advanced jiu jitsu.

Instructors and Interactions
Now instructors can reach out to their student and by sending them online training lessons. If you have a student who is having challenges defending the triangle choke, simply assign him or her online training lessons with the proper defense. With integrated tracking and training watch your students excel faster then ever. Not to mention that fact that the faster students learn the less likely they are to quit.

Helpful Forums
Want to interact with fellow jiu jitsu players? Here is your chance to post video questions enter act in a all new way. Using the tracking features and online training combined with the most positive and friendly forum environment Robson helps fix all your BJJ problems and construct a learning environment even when you are off the mat.

Achieving Excellence

Malcom Gladwell, Author of Blink, feels that mastery of any given skill takes 10,000 hours; an intimidating, but achievable number. Ideally, you want to know how far you are in any journey, and be able to mark milestones as you progress.

The goal of Jiu Jitsu Tracker is to expand your understanding of your own game. All too often students focus only on what they are good at. With JJT you will quickly identify those areas you need to improve and allow you the chance to build a more dynamic game.
Keeping a journal for your BJJ, MMA, or any martial art is a great way to improve your technique, document your progress, and understand your art.

Online security
Imagine losing or damaging your BJJ notebook/journal you've been using after training and seminars! Keeping notes with our cloud based service can help you articulate your learning, while maintaining a safe, digital record. Plus - you can easily run reports to track your progress and training needs.

We keep your progress and notes safe for you, always available on-line for easy access and reporting on your progress.
With tips and insight from Robson Moura and his instructors, your BJJ will improve and you'll feel a better sense of definable progress

What about my school?
If your school uses Jiu Jitsu Tracker, your instructor will be able to access reports on your progress, provide tailored guidance and support based on your training progress. This will give them updates on each of their students training activities and progress, giving insight on areas for additional reinforcement.


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